How to Find Pharmacy Coupons

Why Pharmacy Coupons Now?

Pharmacy discount coupons have come to fill a great public need for lower prescription drug costs at a time when a large number of Americans are uninsured or underinsured. The good news is that you never have to pay the quoted cash price for you prescription drug. There are hundreds of discount pharmacy coupons to choose from. Among the most popular are Familywize, GoodRx, HelpRx, RxSaver, Singlecare and WellRx for their deep discounts.

Where can I find a Pharmacy Discount Coupon?

If you have a phone, smart or not,or a computer, you can score a pharmacy discount coupon. Enter a search on any search engine for 'pharmacy discount coupon' and you will get pages of choices. Go with one you know or one of the top five. In most cases, they are free and you do not have to register.
For the best discount, be sure to specify the name of the drug on your prescription and the pharmacy name. If you take a Pharmacy A coupon to Pharmacy B, the quoted price will not be the same. A generic coupon with no drug name will get you a smaller discount.
You can download for free onto your smartphone and take it to your pharmacy with your prescription.
From your computer, take a snapshot or print.

Your local pharmacy can also be a source of discount coupons, yours for the asking. Most offer competitive in-house discounts up to their minimum cost. They are especially reliable for in-house Senior Discount coupons. Some states offer pharmacy discount coupons distributed to local pharmacies.Some doctors are now printing discount pharmacy coupons right on prescriptions they fax or send electronically. A few discount coupons promise deep discounts on brand drugs, but the best discounts are on generic drugs. Brand name manufacturers will sometimes offer coupons. Be sure to specify drug name and 'Manufacturer' coupon on your search. You will be linked to the manufacturer's website and have to register and activate your coupon. Some manufacturers may also require you to be insured and only cover or reduce your co-pay.

Why would you need a pharmacy discount coupon?

Prescription drugs in the U.S are the most expensive today that they have ever been. Whether you are insured or not, why would you pay $176 for a prescription antibiotic when you can pay $35 with a discount coupon? Or $112 instead of $12.99 for your pet's medication?
Pharmacy discount coupons are not only for the uninsured. Insured Americans have seen their copays go up from $0 to $20 for generics or more for branded drugs and many are finding that pharmacy coupon discounts their pay to less than their copay. Insurance companies also reject payment on prescriptions that are not 'formulary', forcing you to pay 'out of pocket'- your pocket. For those using a FSA, or Flexible Savings Account, pharmacy discount coupons can stretch the annual allocated dollar.In the world of rapidly rising drug costs, saving money with pharmacy discount coupons is just plain smart.