How To Find Affordable Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, you may feel embarrassed to smile in front of other people. Poor dental hygiene is one reason for tooth loss. Another is smoking.

You may even find you take the best care of your teeth possible and still lose teeth. That is because genetics can create weak teeth that fall out easily. Certain medical conditions, including diabetes and hypertension can also make you more prone to tooth loss. It is also possible your tooth loss may occur as a result of trauma, such as a sports or auto accident.

Regardless of the reason for your tooth loss, one big problem is that tooth loss can impact the integrity of the rest of your mouth. It can lead to bone and gum decay, as well as loosen the teeth around the areas where teeth are already missing. You may also find having missing teeth makes it difficult for you to talk or chew your food. All of those are good reasons to explore the possibility of getting a dental implants. Here are some tips for finding affordable dental implants.

What to Look For in a Dental Implant Dentist

When selecting a dentist to install your dental implants, understand not every dentist is a good choice. Some dentists do not provide implant services. Among the offices where such services are provided, not all are ideal. Finding an affordable dentist is important, but some of the least expensive dentists are also the least qualified. It is important to balance affordability with quality of service. Here are some questions to ask during the selection process: 

  • Does the dentist have the right certifications and educational background?

  • Is the dentist informed about the latest implant options?

  • How many implants have been performed at the facility in the previous few months?

  • Are patient testimonials available?

  • Is the dentist an implant specialist?

  • Is a sterile environment provided during the implant process?

  • Are aftercare services available? If so, how much do they cost?

Average Dental Implant Costs

As of 2021 in the United States, the cost of a single dental implant ranges from approximately $1,000 to $4,500 or more, depending on where you have the procedure performed. Full set implant procedures average $34,000. Those prices may make dental implants seem out of your financial reach. However, there are many ways to qualify for dental implant discounts. 

Dental Implants And Insurance Coverage

If your insurance plan covers dental implants, you can get them at an affordable rate easily that way. You may qualify for insurance coverage under specific circumstances, such as if you lost teeth due to a motor vehicle accident. However, most insurance plans do not provide dental implant coverage for standard tooth loss due to natural reasons. Some also do not provide coverage for dental implants after accident. Therefore, you may need to find other ways to obtain affordable implants. Some of those options are outlined below. 

Same Day Dental Implants May or May Not Work for You

There are several companies that offer same day dental implants, including ClearChoice Centers around the country. Certain types of same day implants are more convenient and more affordable than other dental implant procedures. For example, a mini dental implant (MDI) may cost you as little as $399 in certain locations. An MDI uses a smaller type of rod than other dental implant procedures. Therefore, it offers a faster recovery time. However, it may not last as long as more traditional implants. Depending on your degree of tooth loss, you may also require a different type of same day implant procedure, such as a traditional implant. Traditional implants cost $1,000 or more at most locations. 

Get On a Payment Plan

One way to get affordable dental implants is to ask for a payment plan. A payment plan allows you to pay for the cost of your implant procedure over time. The plan often allows you to take several months to up to a year to pay for the full procedure. However, not every dental office offers the same dental payment plan duration. Make sure you know the rules of the plan offered at your dentist, including any fees you may incur if you miss a payment.

Contact Cosmetic Dentistry Grants (CDG) or Other Nonprofits

Cosmetic Dentistry Grants (CDG) and other similar nonprofit companies may provide you with a cheap or free dental implant procedures. CDG is dedicated to improving lives by improving smiles. It provides cheap or free dental coverage for many procedures besides dental implants as well, such as:

  • Crowns

  • Veneers

  • Bridges

  • Dentures

  • Teeth Whitening Procedures

Consider Visiting a Dentistry School

Dentistry schools typically offer deep discounts on procedures like dental implants. The schools need patients willing to allow their students to practice such procedures. If you get your dental implants through a dentistry school, you may even get free service. Students are always supervised by professional dentists to make sure each procedure is performed properly.

Visit a Free Dental Clinic

Much like free medical clinics, free dental clinics do exist in the United States. Often, they are staffed on a volunteer basis by current or semi-retired dentists who want to assist less fortunate citizens. Not all types of dental procedures are provided by every free clinic. However, staff at the free clinic can typically provide resources for you, even if the full implant procedure is not performed by them.

Do Some Dental Tourism

It is likely that at least one of the discount dental implant options above is available in your area, but there is no guarantee. Do not give up on discount dental implants if your local options are limited. If you are willing to travel outside your city, state, or country you may get better deals while still receiving quality service. In fact, dental tourism is quite popular. For example, a dental implant in Spain only costs about $600. By combining your vacation with getting a new smile, you can come back feeling and looking refreshed.