Best Home Gym Equipment

You want to improve your health and tone up but do not want to be spotted at the gym. The next best option is to create a home gym with the essentials, so you never have to pay a membership fee. A home gym allows you to work out at home whenever you are in the mood.

While searching for equipment, you will find many options. Some equipment can be useful while others may not be as functional as they seem. Find out about the best gym equipment available so you can stay healthy and strong at home. 

The Step Aerobics Platform

The aerobic platform is the equipment for the beginner and expert alike. Aerobic stepping aids in building leg muscles. If you are doing a cardio hybrid training, you can build up a sweat. This item is very affordable, and it is a compact, lightweight addition to your home gym. The aerobic platform weighs about 20 pounds and is small enough to make it easy to store.

The Step can hold up to 350 pounds with one riser and 500 pounds with both risers. Risers increase the height and durability of your workout. The height can range between four and eight inches. This is beneficial if you are tall as you can adjust the step accordingly.

NordicTrack T Treadmill

Treadmills are an essential piece of home gym equipment. The NordicTrack T series has many features that you can find in a regular gym treadmill. The features include a built-in MP3 player dock and 20 pre-programmed workouts. The programs were created by certified fitness trainers, which allow you to get optimal training without paying for sessions.

This treadmill also has a digital incline system that allows 10 percent of the incline to shift. This incline shift lets users target specific muscle groups. In order to get the best cardio workout, the equipment needs to be of good quality and the NordicTrack T series delivers.

Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike

This exercise bike is designed with a maximum weight of 220 pounds. The bike is at a good price point and stress limit which allows users to exercise comfortably while slimming down. The rubber foam paddles on each side of the bike allow you stay in place while cycling. The seat is also sturdy and soft, making this bike the best home gym gear for overall comfort. You can also adjust the seat height so you do not hurt your back.

Furthermore, the LCD screen can display a fitness tracking feature that tracks many fitness goals. This can include caloric loss, the distance cycled and other goals. The bike may be a little complicated to assemble, but once built, it will be difficult to knock down. 

Everlast Heavy Bag Kit

If you are a long-time boxer or just want to have a bag to practice, the durable Everlast MMA bag kit can be a great addition to your home gym. The kit comes with a bungee cord with exceptional weight capacity. This allows you to hang your bag wherever you please, so long as where it is hanging from can hold the weight. The kit also comes with a set of boxing gloves and over 100 inches of hand wrap. 

The bag itself weighs 70 pounds, so there is plenty of weight to knock around. Adding the bungee cord will provide more resistance. The bag is also filled with synthetic fibers and sifted sand, so it is perfect for impacts. This Everlast bag also comes with a strap for height adjustment. 

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

The Bowflex Home Gym is an all-in-one gym that offers different workouts in a compact machine. If you want a full workout with as few equipment pieces as possible, the PR3000 is the ideal machine. The Bowflex machine allows its users to tackle many different workouts with ease. 

The resistance on this machine goes up to 210 pounds, so if you are a heavy lifter, the Bowflex does not disappoint. Moreover, the machine can support up to 300 pounds of personal weight. With the BowFlex PR300 alone, you can construct over 50 strength training exercises. 

BowFlex Adjustable Dumbbells

BowFlex not only has an all-in-one strength trainer, but unique dumbbells as well. These dumbbells are home gym essentials for a reason. The first and most important reason is not having to buy new dumbbells every time you need more resistance. These dumbbells are adjustable from five pounds to 52.5 pounds. Thus, offering a range of options for every skill level.

The Bowflex dumbbells come with comfort grip and contour molding. This makes it easy to grip the equipment in different positions. These may be more expensive than traditional dumbbells but they are well worth the price for the convenience of not having to purchase a new set as your fitness improves.