Best SUVs of 2020

The 2020 SUVs coming out are highly anticipated for their style, features and performance. In fact, many of the new 2020 SUVs coming out have modern features never before seen on previous model editions. Whether you are looking for a luxury vehicle or one that is good for the environment, the New Year will bring lots of available options with the newest technology and most innovative design elements. 

For instance, head-up displays that project the vehicle’s speed or amount of fuel are becoming more popular in both high-end and moderately priced SUVs. Learn more about the 2020 SUVs worth waiting for in the details below.

Luxury 2020 SUVs Worth Waiting For

If you are holding out for high-end 2020 SUVs, then the following list is for you. The below models are more than $50,000 but are the thoroughbreds of the vehicle class. Although pricey, the performance and features make these SUVs worth the price tag.  

2020 Porsche Cayenne: Best Luxury Hybrid-Electric SUV 

The 2020 Porsche Cayenne is one of the highest-priced SUVs available with a starting price of $66,800 for the Standard model and more than $165,000 for the Turbo editions. However, if you are looking for a luxury electric SUV, then you might consider the hybrid version of the Cayenne at $81,000. 

These 2020 SUVs are the model’s third generation and offer an eight-speed automatic transmission with great handling. The midsize Porsche Cayenne has many fun and convenient features available and many customizable options for an additional cost.

  • All-wheel drive available on all versions, which means less work for the driver and is great in all weather types
  • Great suspension for the smoothest ride
  • 1500 pounds more trailering capacity than the base Navigator model
  • Arguably should have more standard features for the price, such as a compass, which is standard on the other models
  • Limited seating for five and backseat passengers lose some headroom with the newer sleek roofline

2020 Ford Escape: Best Hybrid Economy

Of the new 2020 SUVs, the hybrid SUV Ford Escape is one of the most anticipated since it is returning after eight years. This half electric SUV starts at $28,000 and is available in front or all wheel drive. The Titanium edition of this model is about $35,000 and offers many of the same, and sometimes more, vehicle features when compared to the Cayenne hybrid. 

  • Bigger and more affordable than the Cayenne hybrid
  • Reported to be equal or better than Toyota’s RAV4 Hybrid when it comes to MPG
  • Front wheel drive is standard and all wheel drive is additional
  • Smaller maximum trailering capacity than Porsche
While you might not get the same horsepower or torque from a Ford that you would from a Porsche, the more than $50,000 savings between the Cayenne and Escape hybrid could mean a second, more sporty car. 

2020 Lincoln Navigator: Best Large Luxury 

The Lincoln SUV 2020 models include the Aviator, Corsair and Nautilus, but the frontrunner amongst the year’s line up is the Navigator. The Navigator is a large luxury SUV and starts at $75,000 for the standard two-wheel drive and increases to almost $100,000 for the Black Label edition. Other Lincoln SUV 2020 models are more affordable between $35,000 and $52,000 for base editions.

  • Wider wheelbase than the Porsche Cayenne and other Lincoln SUVs, which means more stability
  • Trailer hitch receiver, heated steering wheel, hands-free liftgate and other features are standard on the Navigator but optional on the Cayenne
  • Seating for seven, which is two more than Porsche
  • All wheel drive is additional
  • Lower maximum towing capacity than the Cayenne (comparing base models)*
*Each edition of this Lincoln SUV 2020 model has slightly different technical aspects. The towing capacity on the Black Label is significantly higher. 

2020 Land Rover Discovery: Best Off-Road Luxury

Not surprising that Land Rover has 2020 SUVs since the manufacture is one of the first in luxury SUVs. The fifth-generation Discovery starts at $52,300 for the basic SE model and increases to $59,700 and $69,200 for the well-equipped HSE model and HSE Luxury Td6, respectfully. 

  • Four wheel drive, which is great for off-roading
  • Easily transforms seating from two to seven, gaining or losing storage space
  • Has a roof-mounted rear-view camera that live-feeds recording to the rear-view mirror for safe driving practices even in a packed vehicle 
  • Has the lowest combined MPG of the three models with a 16-MPG in the city and 21-MPG on the highway 
  • Very standard features compared to other models