Best Carry On Luggage

Carry on luggage comes in all shapes and sizes, but if you’re an avid traveler it’s important to find bags that will make your entire trip a breeze. Whether you prefer hard shell carry on luggage, rely on a spinner carry on luggage or enjoy the mobility of a soft-sided bag, there are hundreds of options to choose from. How can you be sure to purchase the best luggage?

Finding the best carry on luggage is a lot easier than you might think. It all comes down to your travel needs and personal style. There may be instances when a carry on is your only source of storage, so you want to be sure it has everything you will need for the duration of your journey. Continue reading the sections below for a breakdown of the best carry on bags on the market. 

Hard Shell Carry-on Luggage

Hard shell carry on luggage is one of the most popular types of carry on bags out there. Simply put, these include any bag or suitcase that features a protective outer shell made from durable polycarbonate. They are made to take a beating. 

This type of carry on luggage is best suited for travelers who value protection over convenience. It’s no secret that traveling takes a toll on everyone, including carry on and checked bags. Travelers who store valuables like electronics can rest assured that their possessions are protected from bumps, falls and accidents. 

However, hard shell carry on bags are not the most mobile type of carry on. They are often bulky and awkward and do not offer as much flexibility as soft-sided bags. Travelers who over-stuff their suitcases may find it difficult to maximize storage space while packing. Likewise, they do not always store nicely in the trunk of a car during road trips.

Away is one of the best hard shell carry on luggage manufacturers. This brand has products at several price points, though most of the items are designed to last a lifetime. Some luggage even offers luxurious perks, like built-in batteries, phone charging ports and locks.

Soft-Sided Carry-on Bags

Some of the best carry on luggage bags are known as soft-sided bags. Essentially, any luggage that does not have a hard exterior falls under the category of “soft-sided.” These may include:

  • Suitcases
  • Backpacks
  • Duffel bags
  • Laptop bags
Many spinner carry on luggage bags are available in a soft-sided suitcase. Many travelers choose soft-sided carry on bags for their ease-of-use. They tend to be much more lightweight than their hard-sided counterparts. Also, they provide more flexibility when stuffing them into overhead bins or trunks. 

Soft carry on luggage also tends to be much less expensive than hard shell luggage. Infrequent travelers can find a sturdy and compact bag without breaking the bank, especially if the bag will not be used on a consistent basis. 

Swissgear is one such company that provides dozens of options for carry on bags, many of which come in soft-sided options. The company has many sales throughout the year to connect travelers of all budgets with a reliable carry on option. Those looking for a good deal might consider purchasing a carry on as part of a luggage set, which typically comes with a large checked-bag size and a smaller personal bag.

Spinner Carry-on Luggage 

One of the best recent modifications to carry on luggage has been the spinner effect. Spinner carry on luggage solves the annoying problem of dragging a bulky, heavy suitcase on two wheels by adding two extra wheels to the back, allowing the bag to stand freely. Need to get something out of your purse? No need to rest the handle on your hip – spinner bags are designed to balance on all four wheels to make traveling a whole lot easier.

To most frequent travelers, the best carry on luggage is the spinner. Unlike standard two-wheel suitcases, spinner bags feature 360-degree rotation, meaning you can push, pull and twist it as needed. They are easy to maneuver in tight spaces, like a narrow airplane aisle or close seats. 

Samsonite is one of the pioneers of spinner carry on luggage technology and is still a go-to for many travelers. The company offers many different carry on products that feature the four-wheel spinning design. Samsonite has both hard and soft-sided bags to please all travelers.