Everyone has their own particular preference when it comes to vehicles. Some like sports cars, others like mid sized cars, there are those who will only drive trucks, and then there are the SUV enthusiasts. This body style in vehicles has captured the hearts of many people.

They are stylish, road ready, versatile, and they come in different sizes to accommodate every size driver. It has often been said that people of short statue can not drive an SUV, but this is not true. Even the shortest person can feel comfortable behind the wheel of any style SUV, and drive it with ease.

Who Best Could Benefit From Having a SUV

SUVs have become the new family vehicle because they are large enough to carry any and everything that the family needs when on a trip. They are the great new mode of transportation for moms who car pool the children to school. Their large capacity seating is great for transporting the entire little league sports team, and their equipment.

Teachers often carry a lot of school papers, and projects to be graded, and the SUVs can make these tasks easy as well as leave space to go grocery shopping. SUVs are made by nearly every auto manufacturer. They range from to luxurious styles to the smaller sized vehicles. Cadillac and Mercedes Benz make SUVs that are designed to be just as elegant as their cars.

Some of the Best SUVs

Some of the top SUVs include the Ford Explorer and Expedition, the Chevrolet Tahoe and Trail Blazer, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Wrangler, just to name a few. The Toyota RAV4 is also a popular SUV on the smaller scale. Some of the crossover SUVs include the Honda CR-V, the Ford Escape, and the Mazda CX-5.

These SUVs can go from camping to corporate functions, and be stylish at either. SUV driving have no age limit. They are not only preferred by young people, but older adults are finding that they are as comfortable as an automobile, and they have more equipment options and benefits.

Many drivers have a specific type of SUVs that they favor. Some prefer the traditional type that has two seats with ample storage space in the rear. Then there are the newer models that feature third row seating to allow for more passengers which is great for family travel. There are the type of SUVs that are geared mostly toward off road activities.

Off-Road SUVs

These are the ones that can be used for hunting and fishing trips in areas that take a real rugged vehicle. Auto buyers often purchase their SUVs with only the standard equipment so that they can give it a personal touch by adding accessories that they especially like.

SUVs have rapidly become the most popular vehicle of choice for many drivers of all ages. The versatility of the vehicles make them perfect for any family or individual. They are exceptionally beneficial for people who need to sit higher for a better view of the roads, streets, or highways, and they are affordably priced.