Best New Year’s Destinations

If you want to visit one of the most romantic New Year’s Eve destinations in the USA, it is always good to plan ahead. America is home to many enjoyable cities to go to celebrate the final day of the year. New York City, for instance, is known for the ball drop in Time Square and celebrity performances. 

Even if you want to leave the country to celebrate, there are other parts of the world that share the excitement. Another vibrant example is Hong Kong and its Symphony of Lights show. Therefore, it is important to choose wisely, as many destinations offer different fun activities. To find out which city out of five will bring an enjoyable end-of-the-year experience, continue reading the sections below. 

New York City

One of the most romantic New Year’s Eve destinations in the USA, the city is a sight to see on this day. On New Year’s Eve, it is well known that Time Square is where the main festivities occur. This is where tourists and locals mingle and watch the ball drop until it is midnight. Moreover, the reason why this is the most romantic destination is because of the moment when the ball drops. Couples in Times Square will kiss their partner to mark the New Year. 

However, watching the ball drop is not the only fun activity to do. While spectators are counting down the minutes until the ball drops, there will be live performances in the center of Time Square. You can also enjoy concerts all over the city, as all the venues will be promoting artists and their events.

Hong Kong

Considered one of the best New Year’s Eve destinations, the middle of Hong Kong also becomes a spectacle. At Victoria Harbor, located in downtown Hong Kong, the city puts on their infamous light and sound show. Known as the Symphony of Lights, Hong Kong skyline bursts with fireworks at the stroke of midnight. 

Furthermore, you can enjoy the fireworks from different parts of downtown Hong Kong. The best place to watch the fireworks on land is the Tsim Sha Taui promenade, which provides the best view of the entire skyline. You can also enjoy the light show with the Symphony of Lights Harbor Tour. It is a better option for those who want to see the show with a smaller crowd. However, it is more expensive than viewing the show from the promenade.

Mexico City

A cheap New Years destinations on this list, Mexico City offers fun activities for the right price. If you are coming from the U.S., the dollar is equivalent to 20 Mexican pesos. This makes exploring Mexico City an easy, fun and affordable time. On December 31, tourists and locals alike gather around the Angel of Independence, located in downtown Mexico City. People of all ages will gather around the Angel with inflatable toys to throw in the air when the fireworks show begins. 

If you plan to go to a restaurant during New Year’s Eve, remember to make reservations early. Reserving a spot on the 31st will be difficult and walk-ins at that time will not be allowed. It is also possible to watch the fireworks from a private boat and float along the canals of Mexico City. 


Although not as big of a party as Hong Kong or New York, spending December 31 in Bangkok is sure to leave an impression. Bangkok is one of the best New Year’s Eve destinations because of the CentralWorld shopping center. In front of this shopping mall occurs the longest and biggest fireworks show in Bangkok. Arriving early is key to getting a good spot since over 200,000 people arrive just to see the show. In front of the mall there is also a beer garden and live music for you to enjoy as you wait. 

If you are looking for a more luxurious experience in the Thai capital, Asiatique is the place to go. At around 5 p.m., the streets in this riverside spot become crowded. Often, Thai celebrities make an appearance and fireworks start right before the clock hits 12. When you want to enjoy a meal by the river before the new year arrives, Asiatique can provide a top-notch experience.

Las Vegas

The City of Sin will have many hot spots on New Year’s Eve. For example, on the 31st, Fremont Street transforms into seven-block private party. As long as you stay away from the strip, you will find one of the cheap New Year’s destinations in Las Vegas. Fremont Street has an array of live shows for its partygoers. Twelve bands perform on four stages at the block party along with an EDM dance performance. Additionally, the city provides a huge screen so spectators can watch the ball drop in Times Square.

The Fremont Street experience also provides a zipline and easy access to the Las Vegas strip if you are eager to see it. Once the clock strikes midnight, a pyrotechnics party lights up the stages. The mayor of Las Vegas also brings in a toast to welcome the New Year. If you want to have fun in a safe and controlled environment, then you can experience that at Fremont Street.