Grocery Coupons

How to get Grocery coupons

Do you remember helping your grandma clipping coupons?  The Sunday paper was the best way to get your coupons. At times your local grocery store would have in store coupons that customers could use.  Before printers and computers we only had paper coupons from magazines or newspapers. Now however, There are digital coupons (in-store coupons), online coupons (in-store and manufacturer coupons), printable coupons ( and, grocery coupons and in-store grocery coupons etc. Coca-Cola was the first company to actually start using coupons in 1887 and from there other companies started using coupons for boxes of  cereal. While this was a way for companies to get consumers to try new products and purchase more groceries or household products this was an opportunity for householders to get more bang for their buck. Although there are a lot of people who seem to think that couponing is a waste of time it really is not. Using grocery store coupons really helps the economy. For example, the more consumers use coupons whether it being from online grocery coupons, digital grocery coupons or printable grocery coupons the more money they spend at grocery stores; in-turn the grocery stores are capable of keeping their employees employed.

Websites like and make it much more easier for people who sometimes do not have the time nor the money to purchase the newspaper every weekend. So, they can print coupons from online however there is a catch-22 with that. More printing means more ink for your printer but who cares about that because stores like Staples and Office Depot have either online coupons or digital coupons. Many householders love couponing some even see it as a hobby, at times when they use coupons they purchase things that they don't really need but they will find someone who can use it.

A lot of grocery stores are now putting into policy that we cannot double coupon however, that is not true.  If you have a manufactured coupon that comes from the manufacture and an in-store coupon (digital grocery coupon or online grocery coupon) that comes from the grocery store it self you can combine the two. Using grocery coupons or grocery store coupons have many advantages however using digital or printable grocery coupons can be tricky. When using printable grocery coupons or digital grocery coupons at times you are limited with the number of times you can use that coupon or print the coupon. The challenge with printable grocery coupons is at times the register reader or scanner does not recognize the bar-code and if/when that happens do not worry or get discouraged just take your coupon and your product to customer service and they should be able to manually enter the coupon bar-code and adjust the price accordingly.  The next time you decide to go grocery shopping don't forget your calculator, all your printable grocery coupons, in-store grocery coupons, your cell phone for your digital grocery coupons and save, save, save your money!